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Locc 2 Tha Brain
Smoking Chronic

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There are many different opinions about smoking chronic (pot, weed, dope, dank, etc.). But really, no one really can say anything about it untill they try it. There are words going around saying that 1 bowl is as bad as 5 cigerettes. But you know what, Weed isnt mixed with man made chemicals.. it doesnt have like 1500 chemicals in it. So really, it cant be as bad for you. The worst it does to you is slows down your memory, other then that is made up shit. Too many people look at pot as a bad thing, when really, its a good thing. It relaxes you, makes you happy, brings you closer to people, and in a way you feel free. Believe me, marijuana doesnt do much to you. Did you know it is proven that when your under the influence of marijuana you actually are smarter for that time period? its because your mind is altered, your thinking about things more then you would when your sober. And listen to this, people think marijuana is worse for you then alcohol. Thats the funniest shit about it. When your on alcohol, you cant control yourself, you have no sense in judgement. but when your on marijuana, you have perfect sense of judgement, and you have perfect control of yourself. It just gives you a good time. So think again next time you hear adults saying its the worst thing for you, cause really.. it isnt. So smoke tough!!