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How to make a bong out of house hold items

What you will need: 1) Empty Plastic Soda Bottle, 2) Stem & Bowl (or a hollowed out pen and a metal socket) 3) Knife (or burning cigerette)
Instructions -  
1)Cut (or burn) a hole just big enough for the stem (or hollowed out pen) about 2/3 down the bottle and insert the stem (or hollowed out pen)
2) Twist on the bowl (or force the pen through the metal socket to where the socket can hold your weed)
3)  Cut (or burn) another hole about 1/3 down the bottle, this hole is known as a (carb)
4) Fill the bottle up with cold water so the water level is above the opening of the stem (or hollowed out pen) on the inside of the bottle. But be careful to not fill the bottle up to much so that it leaks out the carb.
How to use a bong -  1) Put your chronic in the bowl (or metal socket)
2) Make sure to keep one of your fingers on the carb (top hole) so all the oxygen must travel through the bowl & stem (or hollowed out pen & a metal socket)  3) Light the lighter about 1/2cm-1cm above your chronic and start inhaling. 4) Before finishing your hit, lift your finger from the carb and inhale to clear all the remaining smoke. And have fun getting tore up.