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Locc 2 Tha Brain

Rapper Hall of Fame

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First is Brotha Lynch Hung. One of the siccest rappers to ever bust a flow. Almost all of his songs are sicc and maxin. i highly recomend getting a few of his cds. Lynch is in EBK (East Blood Killa) a street gang. He has made rap records since 1986 one of the first rappers to rap about the things he does.


Next is Mr Doc. Another sicc rapper. He has some sicc flows and sicc beats. He is in many of Lynch's songs and Lynch is in many of his songs. They are true loccs. Mr Doc is in GBC (Gorden Blocc Loccs) A street gang in Sacramento California. Sippin on 40'z and puffin on blunts, Mr Doc is a laid back locc.


Next is X-Raided. X-Raided makes all of his raps in jail. X-Raided has hella sicc beats and some nice rhymes. X-Raided is Locc To Tha Brain for sure.