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Locc 2 Tha Brain
Diggity Dank

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There are thousands of chronic plants in the world. many new species of the plant are being made quick. A few of the types of chronic ive smoked is: Purple Kush, Homegrown Purple Kush, Blueberry bud (blueberry), Lemon bud (lemon lime), Fire (cinnemon) Hydroponik chronic (Dankest ive smoked ever THC % is 98%) Wacky Tabacky, Skunk, Ocka Poka Gold (caramel), Mystikyl Mint (Mint), Bubonic Chronic, Big Bud, Northern Lights, Caveman, Peach, and many more. These are just a few pictures of some diggity dank plants.


This is Purple Kush. A very dank chronic. THC % is 94%. If you smoke this, youll be good.


This is Super Skunk. The name gives the smell away. Its almost a sweet minor skunk smell to it. this is also very dank. THC % is 89%


This is White Widow. One of tha most dankest chronic plants out there. If you smoke this youll be ripped. THC % is 97%.