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Locc 2 Tha Brain
Misc. Shit

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Misc. Shit that is always helpful to know.

1. After smoking a bowl, or taking any drug, smoke a cigerette, the nicotine will increase the high. if you smoke a cigerette after you smoke some chronic youll get 10% higher than what you were before you smoked it.

2. When at a party with beer, if you dont care for the taste of beer, or cant stand it, try beer bonging it. it goes down just like water without tastin shit. plus it gets you fucked up. or just shotgun the beer (open the beer then poke a whole behind the openening of the can big enough for a carb, then chug the beer.

3. When popping pills, always make sure you know what can happen to you, dont overdose on em, just take enough that will fuck you up. you never know, you might end up having a ceizure thats the shitty part about pills.. there man made.. they have different reactions to different people know what im sayin. ya got to know your body ya know.

4. When passing bowls, or matching bowls. Always take the biggest hit you can, everytime the bowl is passed to you, you never know how many times you will get to hit it.. maybe only a few.. maybe alot. either way taking bigger hits is always a good thing.

5. Etiquette - you should always have proper etequette. when buying a bag, always smoke a bowl with your dealer, show them you appreciate them hookin ya up with a fat sac. or when smokin with bros, always let the person who bought the sac, hit the bowl first (take greens).

6. When hitting a joint or a blunt, usually, the preffered thing is "Puff Puff Pass" where you take 2 puffs,(not small puffs but 2 full inhales) and pass it to the next person.

7. After smoking out of a pipe or out of a bong or anything like that for a while, youll notice resin starts to collect on the walls of the peice. If you scrape the resin out and smoke the resin you will get high. the resin created from marijuana is actually more potent then the original stage (bud). resin is pretty much pure THC.

8. After smoking chronic, make sure you always have the munchies.. or something to munch on, you will be suffering if not.