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Locc 2 Tha Brain
Other Fun Drugs

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Alchohol - Alcohol is fun only occasionally. It offers you to have a great time of making an ass out of yourself. Some people, like me, get super nice when there drunk, if i was drunk and you were a good homie of mine you could come up and ask for like 20 bucks ill just give it away not knowin shit. when im sober ill be pissed but untill then, enjoy. but some people get hella rowdy when they get drunk, they wanna fight, move around always, shout shit and everything. but overall its fun. My Rating (6/10)

Coke - coke is a fun thing occasionally as well. this shit is risky cause its hella addicting, more addicting than nicotine. When your on coke you feel like you have alot of energy, you cant stop moving, talk fast as hell, and your high so your havin a great time. My Rating (7/10)

Mushrooms - I HIGHLY reccomend mushrooms. they are one of the funnest drugs out there, other then chronic. If you dont trip off of them, youll have a hella bomb body high. If you trip your gonna have a rowdy time seeing colors, and twists and shit. Hullicogens are definatly a must. especially when its natural. Like mushrooms!! My Rating (10/10)

Adderoll - Adderoll is weak speed basically. off of one pill youll stay up for 12 hours straight, with alot of energy to waste. shitty part is, when you come off of the adderoll high, your HELLA drained, HELLA tired, and HELLA mean as fuck. Its tight tho. My Rating (7/10)

Coricidon - AKA C-Bomb, triple C, DXM, and many more. if you take a high ammount of Coricidon cold and cough, cause DXM (Dextromothen) is found in it, you will have similar effects of extacy, only less severe. My Rating (7/10)

Hydrocodone - Hydrocodone is pain reliever, like vicodin. Only effects of Hydro are similar to those of Heroin. Fun but addictive. can cause you to puke if you take too many. My Rating (6/10)

Codeine - Found in many cough syrups, and many pills, Codeine is a depressent. When you take enough Codeine, you cant feel much pain, things are blurry and faded to you, your vision gets delayed hella but its DAMN fun. My Rating (8/10)

Vicodin - As we all know vicodin is a pain reliever. Vicodin is also fun, i took 5 at once, and bout an hour later i couldnt feel much pain at all, and i was pretty high. it was worth it. My Rating (7/10)

Anti-depressents - if you crush up anti-depressents into a powder than snort the powder, you will feel the effects. You will laugh at almost everything, and nonstop laughing. you will feel lightheaded. and sudden movement seems hella fast to you. its fun. My Rating (8/10)